Wheel balancing

Hot Tyres’ mobile wheel balancing service covers Henley-on-Thames and the Reading area. If your wheels need balancing, but you’re not sure if you’re in our area, it’s always worth giving us a call!

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing involves making sure that the weight of the tyre is evenly distributed. All tyres have slight weight imbalances, and these need to be corrected for the tyre to function correctly. Failure to do this results in vibration in the car (you can sometimes feel this through the steering wheel), and uneven, damaging wear to the tyres.

To balance a wheel, it’s placed on a device that senses the imbalances and calculates where weight needs to be added to correct these. Small counter weights are then placed at precise locations on the wheel rim to compensate and make the tyre spin perfectly.

Wheel balancing needs to be carried out each time a new tyre is fitted. However, older tyres can also benefit from wheel balancing as imbalances can and do change over time.

For any queries about our wheel-balancing service, please get in touch.