About Us

Hot Tyres is a professional mobile tyre fitting company, owned and managed by Adan and Simon.

Covering Reading, Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding area, our small team has over 30 years’ experience in fitting just about every sort of tyre. That means we have the expertise to take on all those awkward jobs, such as removing locking wheel nuts.

We’re also experts at finding and fitting specialist tyres. As our home page says, from lawnmowers to Lamborghinis, we can fit tyres to pretty much anything you might have (though we don’t do motorbikes).

To prove we’re not just tyre-fitters, we can also balance your wheels for you, or even sort you out with a new battery.

We know how annoying it is when a simple tyre change causes scratches or other damage. That’s why as a company, we’re all about taking special care of your pride and joy – whether that’s a supercar, your family hatchback or a truck.

Call us today and find just how easy and convenient our mobile fitting service is.