Locking wheel nut removal

You’re in the Reading or Henley area. You need locking wheel nuts removed from your vehicle. No problem. Just get in touch and we will come out to a location convenient to you.

Lost – your locking wheel nut key

Locking wheel nuts are fantastic, right up to the moment you discover you can’t get yours off. Then they can be a real headache. Often the previous owner forgot to pass on the key, or it’s got lost somewhere along the way.

Many mobile tyre companies won’t go near locking wheel nuts with a barge pole. They lack the knowledge or equipment to safely remove them without causing damage.

However, Hot Tyres have 30 years combined experience in removing locking wheel nuts. We can quickly and safely remove locking wheel nuts from all marques, from Audis to Arbaths,  Saabs to Subarus.

In a fix? Call us.

Our locking wheel nut service is part of our emergency call-out service. So if you’re reading this from a roadside, with a shredded tyre that you can’t remove – give us a call on 07951 679072.

If you would like to know more details on our locking-wheel nut removal service, get in touch.